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Danielle Caldwell Ranson  Glass & Fiber Artist



I am a multimedia artist who’s current passions are fused glass and ice dying…fire & ice. With glass it wasn’t love at first sight, but rather a sudden inspiration in Oct. 2012 that led me to explore glass and make Christmas gifts for my unsuspecting family. After that, I knew I was hooked! There’s nothing like the timelessness I feel in exploring the possibilities, the thrill of opening the kiln, and the wonder at the surprises it holds. I can use the same basic ingredients (sheets of colored glass, crushed glass of varying sizes called frit, glass threads called stringers, silver and copper foil, etc.) and the results after firing may have similarities but are unique and wonderful with their own expression. As with life, I’ve learned not to jump to conclusions as some of the least inspiring pieces at first glance may become my favorites when I look a little deeper… consider all the multilayered aspects, add a little shaping, polishing, and finishing work. 

Ice Dying is a technique that uses ice to separate a dye color into the components that made that specific color. When dyeing with a single color, the finished piece will have several colors and/or shadings. When multiple colors are used, the colors blend in unique and wonderful ways. 

The same color(s) and folding techniques may be used, but the results will be one of a kind and cannot be duplicated. 

My art has been the balance to a career in Human Resources, a shared experience with family and friends, and often, a moving meditation. It calms my mind, uplifts my spirit, and connects me to the present moment. I feel such joy and peace in the studio and I believe that each finished piece holds that energy. It is my sincere hope that every recipient will experience that same peace, joy, and sense of wonder.



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